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Aug. 22nd, 2017 11:57 am
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I need extra hands around here. Preferably attached to strong arms, steely spines, and sturdy legs, with a head on those shoulders that can intuit what I need to happen better than I can either intuit or explain the things.

In lieu of this (because TELEPORTER!!! *shakes fist*, and also all my immediate family are Occupied Elsewhere today):

Would any y'all who believe in and understand how to accomplish the "sending healing energy over a distance" thing please do the thing for me? Not necessarily healing, though I wouldn't exactly say no to that; strength, resilience, anything that you have to spare at the moment and that you think I could use in order to get all my stuff moving-ready and the apartment sparkly clean. Protective and cleansing energies would also be welcome.

If you want to do a trade, drop me a comment with a prompt: a single word, a brief phrase, a song lyric, an evocative image. After I'm all moved, I'll stitch all the prompts into a story and post it for all y'all to see. :)
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*waves to somebody who may not wish to be named* So many coffees! Thank you!

Can someone—who has got more brain to think of google terms than I have presently got—point me at moving-out checklists? Apartment-departing–specific if possible?

Third fic rec for 221b-recs

Aug. 22nd, 2017 12:20 am
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Curse of the Were-Tuna, by WhoGroovesOn: http://221b-recs.dreamwidth.org/

This is such a wet'n'wild ride. Check it out!
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"who says you can't defy gravity?
who says you gotta stay in this galaxy?
let's start a revolution, let's start a revolution

under the cover of darkness falling, we make the rules 'til day is dawning
and anything can happen underneath the moonlight, tonight, tonight, tonight

yeah we've still got a few more miles out where love can still be wild
and we might live forever for a little while tonight, tonight, tonight

the night is on our side, let's start a revolution
start a revolution"

--little big town
"night on our side"
grand ole opry, 20 august 2017
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After having dinner at B Too with [personal profile] fabrisse on Friday (Restaurant Week meant I got to have beet salad, venison with eggplant, and a 'donut' waffle) and going to Rus-Uz (Chicken Kiev and Kiev cake, and Mors to drink) with [personal profile] greenygal yesterday after helping her assemble a bookcase, I met up with [profile] ellen_frememdon and the Vegan Knitter for dinner at Pete's Pizza, as they have half-priced pies on Mondays as long as you eat in and order something other than the smallest ones.

So I finally got to try the pineapple pizza, Q Bridge, which was excellent and had way more argula on top than I was expecting. But since argula is one of the few green I actually like (not bitter, like most Brassicaceae, and not leaf-flavored, like most lettuce), that was all right.

Also, I got to use a pinhole project at work today to see the eclipse -- 80% partial in my area, since we weren't in the path of totality. But still, very neat.

Back from Paris

Aug. 21st, 2017 06:28 pm
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Thanks to everyone who congratulated me and The Boy on our engagement. You guys are awesome and I love you all.

We haven't set a date or made any concrete plans yet, but we're working on it. I'll post the details here as they come up, natch.

Here, have some pictures from our day trip to Giverny, where Monet lived and painted all those water lilies. It's an amazing place, and really does feel as if you've stepped inside an Impressionist painting.

ten pictures behind the cut )

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Aug. 21st, 2017 08:00 pm
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I believe I mention this with the trailer but I'm still wildly curious if Luke Cage has chi because he was clearly immune to the pressure point guy and if I'm not mistaken such things usual effect the indestructible types.  Which leads to the more important thought can you even be alive without chi.

I may sort of ship Jessica/Danny not as much as Colleen/Danny as they are pretty perfect a ship but in an au were Colleen and Danny don't meet up in Iron Fist and that would be probably be about it.  But I've like how Danny is adorable about Jessica's strength and tried to shield her and her response was great.  Maybe I like the gruff detective type with the adorable chosen one whose going to save the world there is nothing wrong with that.  

So for Dragon Con my sisters decided that we're going to wear cute little dragon horns and have dragon wing t-shirts.  I ended up working on the shirts because I was having a lot of trouble trying to make my horns.  After two days of stressing out because I was having difficultly with wielding the xacto knife and finding out my parents bleach is so old it no longer works and boy was that soul crushing and having several misadventures with the fabric adhesive, I finished my first one.  

It is completely a mess but the pattern works really, really well and I'm pretty sure the next two will look reasonable.  Fortunately, mine is the first one and I have no problem wearing the worst.  I vague feel we should were tutus since were all color coordinated in the first place with some ridiculous legging but I'm not sure my sisters will go for it.   

Things You Can Believe In

Aug. 21st, 2017 06:24 pm
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1) Has anyone else watched the movie Their Finest? I loved it. Read more... )

2) We've been watching Manhunt: The Unabomber and it only confirms my belief that the best and the brightest do not go into law enforcement. (Or if they do, chances are they don't last there). I actually found myself agreeing with the Unabomber's view of them. Read more... )

3) That people were more concerned about their legacy and the standing of the agency than actually thinking outside the box (although if you've got written evidence, how out of the box could linguistic analysis possibly be) contrasts rather painfully with the noble and dedicated view of investigators in fiction. (Although why should we expect these agencies to be different than any other workplace?) I couldn't help being reminded of their shortcomings when reading the following though:

"To push the limitations, I downloaded all the novel-length stories of the fifty most prolific Twilight fan-fiction authors on Fan-Fiction.net—each of whom had written more words in the Twilight universe than Stephenie Meyer herself. I thought that if you compared writers writing at about the same time as each other in the same universe about the same characters and in the emulated style of one author, the word frequencies might not have as much determinative value. Instead, it was 99.7 percent accurate at picking out who the true fan-fiction author of each story was."

4) We also recently watched Race, the Jesse Owens story. It was ok but the timing of seeing it was quite good. Read more... )

5) Nothing like finding a story that's rare in the fandom only to discover that, not only was it not finished, but it and all the author's other stories have disappeared from the net so you can't even look for their other work :( Read more... )

Test post

Aug. 21st, 2017 03:03 pm
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I heard that if you post an entry via email, you can upload a picture to your entry? I'm trying a regular post via email before I try the post with the image.

With bonus cut text. )

Edit: Post worked! I wonder why the text was aligned so oddly?


Aug. 21st, 2017 05:44 pm
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Many thanks to everyone who donated over on my Ko-fi page. ♥♥♥

I'm still going to be putting up a virtual garage sale post later in the week, after I more time to go through things and get a list together, but thank you! I very much appreciate it.

If any of you would like a fic from me as thanks, just leave a comment or send me a message. As long as it's a fandom that I'm familiar with, I'd be glad to write something for you.

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Aug. 21st, 2017 11:13 am
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I just need one long day of primal scream therapy, seriously.

I did not get half the crap I wanted to done over the weekend. First there was a sinus cold after I woke up from capoeira coma, ended up chasing cats all around the house to try and keep them from fighting and get them into separate corners. The next day wasn't bad, got some laundry done and dishes and some basic tidying started, and then my goddamn phone fell into the goddamn toilet because the goddamn cat jumped up onto the sink while I was picking stuff up. So now I definitely need a new phone. I spent most of Sunday trying to get mine to work, it kind of does? But the home button is massively non-responsive or non-functional and I think the only thing I've seen online that I haven't tried to fix it is rubbing alcohol and. Urk. Plus it's a three year old phone minimum anyway, I've been expecting it to be slowly dying. I just. This is not the time, phone.

Plus my bill for web hosting came due, which is every three years so as far as expenses go it's not an awful one? But the timing, universe. The goddamn timing. Plus the need to get a case for the new p hone and since of all things they're sending the new phone to Mom's place because she's the account holder, it'll take a while till I can get the phone and I can't be entirely sure the case will fit and. And.

Mostly I'm just very ready to go to DragonCon and not fucking worry about this for a while. And if I'm tired and stressed it'll be easily fixed with sitting in place for an hour and having a bananan. Argh.

I was bemoaning that I hadn't brought anything to work to charge up with happy happy eclipse power and then I remembered I had the fucking Badali Jewelry replica of Nenya in my fucking purse. Just walking around with that in my purse, la. We had a relatively cloud-free sky for the first part, then the clouds rolled in, then as if a divine presence commanded it there was a hole in the clouds just big enough at just the right spot for just long enough to see the thing as wholly as we were going to see. So that was very nice, very fun.

I have no comment on the Whedon thing except UGH on him. And UGH also on the people who didn't believe the women involved, or still act as though they don't. But UGH on them all the time anyway, no matter the accuser or the victim.

... we interrupt this post because apparently an elevator motor caught fire when it burnt out, so the fire department came and we had to evacuate the building and everything. So, um, that happened, and what did I just say, Universe, about dramatic stressful shit happening before DragonCon? What did I just say?

Fucksake I'm going to go home, bury myself in fake people problems and Black Sails, and I don't know what. Drink a lot of cranberry cider maybe. I have three novel projects to work on, I have Black Sails to watch, and I think that's everything and I might just put a moratorium on languages except reviewing vocab and pronunciation until after DragonCon. It's about that time of year anyway. I just. What the fuck everything.

ETA: Of course after posting this I got a call from the boy saying the car had been broken into sometime between when I left (I'd walked around the car to throw something in the trash bin) and when he got home. Because that's just what this fucking day needed.

And... *thud*

Aug. 21st, 2017 12:09 pm
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We got home last night (-ish) at 1am, after a long, long day of travel and a visit to the National Portrait Gallery with our daughter. She was right—there WAS a lot to see there. Parts of the Civil War section (the Emancipation Proclamation with Lincoln's image via the text! Johnson's betrayal of Lincoln's promise to slaves depicted as Iago undermining Othello!) were geek-tastic. The travel home part began at around 5pm, with Ubering to the airport, and the first flight of two left at 7:30. I SO wish I'd remembered that we'd be leaving at dinnertime, and flying for 3 1/2 hours. That was one uncomfortable flight. The second, after a speed-search for food at Denver before boarding the plane, was mostly an issue of staying awake. Also, the newer 737 planes? The passenger seats are smaller front-to-back than their predecessors by at least 1.5 inches. Long-legged people, beware. :(

It's the last day of voting for Idol, and I'm not faring well in the polls, but still hopeful! My two entries are here and here, and links to voting polls (two) with all entries are at the bottom of each. Please read and vote if you can!

The cat was extremely happy to see us, and we let her sleep in our son's bed last night. He wonders why we don't let her do that every night, but that will make his leaving for college all the harder on her! She does go up and snuggle with him every morning, though, and he just leaves his door open as it's easier than being awakened by her scratching at the door to be let in...

Other news: any questions I might have had about whether my plantar fasciitis was getting better are DOA. Ugh. My feet (arches especially) hurt a lot with all that walking and standing over the last week-plus, and they're back to that early morning pain again. This is after more than a year of time off from running, which has been longer than I wanted! Stupid feet. Why must you fail me?

During our travels, I tripped on an ill-placed rock at a cafe our second morning there, and fell hard and spectacularly. Nothing broken, I think, but major bruising on the rump and arm where I made contact, and I jammed a finger that is still swollen and sore. No injuries for HalfshellHusband, though all the walking was tiring (and yet he made it) and his feet hurt a lot (terrible shoes). He had some dizziness episodes, but not many—which was better than we expected, given what was happening before we left.

Yesterday, an articulated bus had an accident in DC's Chinatown, right next to where we had lunch. I thought the heavy rear bus caved in through one of the construction plates covering a large hole, so that the street ate one of the bus tires, but it may be that the bus skidded on a plate? Hard to say—the road was completely dry, and the accident happened awhile before we got there. I'll bet the bus driver was worried about job security after that, though it was kind of a freak accident situation. :O

Okay, better get back to work and unpacking. It's our son's birthday today, so everything is in flail mode. Including the sky! Though actually, not so much here, sadly. We're in an unimpressive locale for the eclipse...

ETA: I still think that bus accident involved tire-eating. One of the construction plates was really bent, and also, if you stop a rear tire on the back half of an articulated bus, the front will swing around like that—kind of the obverse of a jackknifing truck if you brake too hard from the front.

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