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Supernatural fanworks on Dreamwidth this week


welfycat | Fic: By Your Side
A fight with some unusual enemies unsettles memories in both Sam and Dean, leaving Sam wondering how he can possibly help.
author:welfycat pairing:gen rating:pg-13 wordcount:<5000 new

No pairing given


cleflink | Butter Me Up and Photo Ninja (CW RPS, J2)
Jared's making the world a better place, one sneakily taken photo at a time
author:cleflink pairing:jensen/jared rating:g wordcount:<1000 new


strangeblueglow | Fic: Touch
Post-6x12, Sam has nightmares. The only thing that can calm him down is Dean getting in bed with him. Sam/Dean?
author:strangeblueglow pairing:sam/dean rating:pg wordcount:<1000 new

twinsarein | SpN fic: Surprising Knowledge
Sam wonders why Dean's bought a new gun, and why he then ruined it by getting rid of the sight. Dean has his reasons, and he's going to share them with his brother.
author:twinsarein pairing:sam/dean rating:nc-17 wordcount:<5000 new



lady_velvet | "Of Angels and Demons" DeanXCastiel
Castiel failed to retrieve the righteous man from hell and instead Dean pulled them out, saved the angel when he could have left him to burn. All the fallen angel wants to do is prove his adoration for the demon, in any way possible.
author:lady_velvet pairing:dean/castiel rating:r wordcount:<10000 new


Other slash




arasigyrn | How Things Change
I know the hero's story - it's been part of the stories I've told and been told since I was a child. They fight: they face set-back: they triumph. It's a pattern and once you see it, you can't unsee it. Tell me the sidekick's story! Tell me the nemesis' story! Tell me a story I haven't heard.
author:arasigyrn meta new