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nwhepcat | A Road That Runs Both Ways, pt 18
A snake-handling physicist and an angel find themselves in a bar....
author:nwhepcat pairing:gen rating:r wordcount:wip new

unikorento | Fic: One More Soldier Down
It wasn't until later, after the dust had settled, that Bobby understood that he was gone.
author:unikorento pairing:gen rating:g wordcount:<1000 new

No pairing given

alittlefaith | Fic: Physical Therapy (Supernatural, G, Sam and Dean)
Sam puts all his years of pissed-off little brother experience into his scowl. "Listen," he says, "I've had a very hard--5 years or so."
author:alittlefaith pairing:no.pairing.given rating:g wordcount:<5000 new

gladdecease | thing the twelfth [doctor who/supernatural; chasing the same creature]
I still have no idea what they're hunting - shapeshifters, maybe? Something humanoid in the sewers. Maybe it's dragons! I don't know, I never got that far before I decided it wouldn't fit the prompt, which was for Ten and Cas, not Ten and Winchesters. Ah well.
author:gladdecease pairing:no.pairing.given rating:no.rating.given wordcount:wip crossover:doctor.who new

momentarygrace | I've got you 1/1 [PG-13] Sam, Dean
The prompt: 2.11 Playthings - SAM: Yeah. Maybe somebody here doesn't want to leave, and they're using hoodoo to fight back.
author:momentarygrace pairing:no.pairing.given rating:pg-13 wordcount:no.wordcount.given new

sqweakie | Fic: Border Song Chapter One
It started out like any other case, Sam having visions and a woman murdered in her own home. They were still trying to find their rhythm even a month after Sam's possession. But this really isn't a story about Sam. It's the story about his brother Dean. Dean and dragons and valkyries and how trying to change the future doesn't usually work out as planned.
author:sqweakie pairing:no.pairing.given rating:pg-13 wordcount:wip crossover:how.to.train.your.dragon new



whynot | Fic: the heart is a ghost (Sam/Dean, PG13)
Takes place between 5x03 and 5x04. "In a way, things were easier when he knew he was going to die."
author:whynot pairing:sam/dean pairing:dean/OMC rating:pg-13 wordcount:<5000 new





Other het

Other moresome




yourlibrarian | Fannish origins
I'm going to start by asking what readers think have been the five biggest media fandoms of the past decade (2000-2010). From my perspective, I would say they were Harry Potter, Buffy and Angel, Supernatural, Dr. Who, and Stargate Atlantis. And to me one of those things is not like the other.
author:yourlibrarian meta new

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