2020-06-27 08:19 pm

Welcome to the Supernatural newsletter for Dreamwidth

The newsletter is posted each Sunday.

I was inspired by the excellent [livejournal.com profile] spnnewsletter which sadly does not cover Dreamwidth.

If I missed a fanwork posted to Dreamwidth since last Sunday, please comment to the most recent newsletter with a link. Comments are screened.


2011-03-28 06:50 pm


I'm sorry to tell all my readers that I'm going to have to put the supernatural_newsletter on hiatus for the foreseeable future. I have a new schedule at work, and it's become too difficult to find time to compile the links.

I will continue to publish links left in comments, and would also gladly publish delicious links compiled by someone else, should anyone feel like doing so.

To share one or two delicious bookmarks, for example links to your own fanworks, add the tag for:supernaturaldw on delicious.

To share several bookmarks, comment for contact info.

2011-01-09 09:25 pm

Supernatural fanworks on Dreamwidth the last two weeks

I am sorry for the unplanned missing issue last Sunday. This issue of the newsletter covers the previous two weeks.

Starting from next issue, the [personal profile] supernatural_newsletter will not include links to fics shorter than 100 words, unless five or more microfics have been collected in a single post or linked from a masterpost. If a fic is not tagged with a wordcount I will estimate its length.

Also starting from next issue, some of the rarer pairings will be collected under pairing:other.het and pairing:other.slash even if they contain one of the Winchesters or Jensen or Jared.

You will always be able to filter by exact pairing on supernatural_newsletter's delicious.

Gen )

No pairing given )

Jensen/Jared )

Jensen/Misha )

Sam/Dean )

Sam/Gabriel )

Sam/Adam )

Sam/Jess )

Sam/Ruby )

Dean/Castiel )

Dean/Anna )

John/Mary )

Other slash )

Other het )

Other femslash )

Other moresome )

Podfic )

Art )

Fanmixes )